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The Most Common Jobs Done By a General Contractor

general contractor near Pittsburgh PASince general contractors by nature handle a wide range of duties, the possibilities for employing one are endless. However, some of the most common jobs done by general contractors are residential renovations, commercial renovations, and new construction for both homes and businesses.

Home improvements are the bread and butter for most general contractors. Depending on the homeowner, these jobs could include minor renovations in the kitchen and bathroom or major changes all throughout the property.

Commercial renovations tend to be more specialized than residential ones. Every industry has different needs, and each client has unique goals. For example, an office building might remodel their lobby to make a better impression on visitors while a restaurant may restructure its interior to expand the dining space. A skilled commercial contractor should be able to accommodate any request.

New construction projects are the most involved jobs since they require constructing a building from the ground up. That means the general contractor will handle everything from job site preparation and framing to the plumbing and electrical components.

Whether you’re hiring a general contractor near Pittsburgh, PA, for a typical job or something more unusual, you need to hire a reliable, experienced team. Be sure to ask them about their past projects and get a price estimate for the project before committing.

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How to Choose a General Contractor for Your Next Project

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You have a building project on your horizon, but you’re not sure who to count on to see that everything gets done right. As a general contractor near Pittsburgh, PA, let Jeemco share useful information on how to find this key position for your new house or business building. Look for:

A company that has been around for a number of years has worked on different kinds of construction projects and puts that experience to work for you. Such a company has a team who knows how to handle the overall and individual scope of the project.

Comprehensive Service
You want to make sure your contractor knows how to build your particular project. And, it helps if they can do it all—not just the frame, but the plumbing, electrical work, drywall, and masonry, too. That consistency cuts down on delays and costs.

Proven Track Record
Ask to see picture, a client list, and testimonials. These all give you a sense of what the contractor can do and how this company handles customer service.

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Qualities of a Good Contractor

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Successful contractors possess a number of the same traits. Their practices have flourished due to the favorable characteristics that are similar among them. They tend to be honest, communicative, and excellent problem solvers. The following are some of the additional attributes they all have in common.

A successful contractor sees the big picture and understands every detail that leads up to the finished project.  

The contractor has to continually make choices about how to fulfill the needs of the project. The contractor with a thriving firm sees challenges as opportunities for solutions.

Communication Skills
The most successful contractors are good communicators. They have the kind of “people skills” that enable them to be fluid communicators with clients, workers, and other construction professionals.

Successful contractors do not shy away from trying out new ideas in order to improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of their building steps.

Flexibility is often necessary to make adjustments when things do not work as expected. The contractor who is flexible is able to see the big picture and long-range objective rather than the cluster of minutia.

Successful contractors stay focused on the project at hand. Their goals are clearly aligned with their clients.

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