Residential and Commercial Building Projects in New Wilmington, PA

Proud to be the local contractor of choice in the area, Jeemco Inc. creates top-quality residential and commercial building projects in New Wilmington, PA, and beyond. Handling construction and remodeling work, we are proud of our well-earned reputation for premium building solutions. Our multi-talented team members are more than just qualified — they are experienced problem solvers.

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A group shot of the Jeemco team.

As a small company, Jeemco Inc. understands the importance of attentive customer service. Our small size allows us to provide design and scheduling flexibility that most large firms may not be able to offer. What’s more, our 20+ full-time team members are committed to treating every client with respect they expect from a company with a reputation such as ours. These positive and long-lasting relationships with our partners are key to our success — in fact, 85% of our business comes from repeat clients. This is yet another example of our commitment to client satisfaction.

Specializing in Multiple Disciplines

Our experience is vast, and our dedication to our clients is unmatched, but we are also incredibly proud of our versatility. This enables us to handle exterior and interior work, design and create projects, and tackle the most demanding projects. Contact us today and learn more about our work. We’ll see that your project is completed on time and within budget.

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