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How to Choose a General Contractor for Your Next Project

General Contractor Near Pittsburgh, PA |

You have a building project on your horizon, but you’re not sure who to count on to see that everything gets done right. As a general contractor near Pittsburgh, PA, let Jeemco share useful information on how to find this key position for your new house or business building. Look for:

A company that has been around for a number of years has worked on different kinds of construction projects and puts that experience to work for you. Such a company has a team who knows how to handle the overall and individual scope of the project.

Comprehensive Service
You want to make sure your contractor knows how to build your particular project. And, it helps if they can do it all—not just the frame, but the plumbing, electrical work, drywall, and masonry, too. That consistency cuts down on delays and costs.

Proven Track Record
Ask to see picture, a client list, and testimonials. These all give you a sense of what the contractor can do and how this company handles customer service.

Seek a general contractor near Pittsburgh, PA, with a track record of experience and service for your building project. Jeemco Inc. is such a contractor. Call (724) 946-8813 to connect with us and ask for your free estimate today.

Choose Steel for Your Carport Build

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Turn to the experienced steel building contractors near Youngstown, OH, at Jeemco for your new carport or garage. Steel offers many benefits other materials do not.

Adding a carport to your property would make it easier to manage those mornings after a heavy night of snowfall. Instead of piling up on your vehicle, the snow would settle on the roof, which makes it more convenient for you to get to work on time. With our decades of experience in contracting, we recommend steel for a number of reasons. Our steel buildings near Youngstown, OH, offer the following benefits:

Cost Savings
Constructing your new carport out of steel means a lesser overall cost than building an entire garage. Plus, steel is a highly cost-effective building material.

Steel is strong and durable, yet light in weight. This makes construction easier.

Low Maintenance
This metal stands the test of time and the elements even after years of faithful service. It does not suffer from rot or insect infestations as does wood or flaking or cracking like brick.

Your contractor can build your carport according to your specifications for height, width, and style.

No Concrete Foundation Necessary
With steel, posts are used to support the structure, so you save on the money and time it would take to have a concrete foundation poured.

With the help of the professionals at Jeemco, you can benefit greatly from the cost savings, strength, and customization of our steel buildings near Youngstown, OH. Steel is an ideal material to build your new carport.

Look to Steel Building Contractors near Youngstown, OH

Steel Building Contractors near Youngstown, OH |

When it comes to building materials, you can’t beat steel, especially for a carport or garage. It’s essential to use a building material that can stand the test of time and the elements. Steel is tough enough to handle both. Experts in the field, such as the steel building contractors near Youngstown, OH, at Jeemco will tell you about what steel means to your new structure.

Steel as the metal of choice for a garage or carport just makes practical sense. This material is cost-effective, durable, and fireproof. Plus, steel doesn’t rot or suffer from insect infestations as wood does. The structure that protects the family vehicles or the cars, trucks, and SUVs that belong to residents of an apartment building must be strong enough to keep those investments safe from hail, rain, snow, and debris in general. Steel fits the bill.

When shopping for contractors, it’s always a good idea to seek one that has proven years of experience in building the structure you desire. Also, ask about credentials and references. This way, you can feel confident about your choice and look forward to the new carport or garage this contractor puts up for you.

Turn to the experienced steel building contractors near Youngstown, OH, at Jeemco for your new carport or garage. Steel offers many benefits other materials do not.

A Brief Overview of Stainless Steel

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Stainless steel is also known as inox steel, which means inoxidizable. It features a high resistance to staining caused by corrosion. Most iron-based metals like steel undergo a chemical transformation that changes their properties when they are exposed to oxygen. The iron oxidizes and turns the hard iron into a reddish-brown metal (iron oxide). Eventually, the iron oxide oxidizes to the point where it disintegrates completely.

Stainless steel is a low-carbon steel that is recyclable, easy to sterilize, and used in many applications. It resists corrosion, fire, and heat and requires little maintenance. It is used in numerous industrial, architectural, chemical, and consumer applications. Some of the most common items made of stainless steel include:

Kitchen Sinks
Surgical Tools and Medical Equipment
Monuments and Sculptures
Airport Roofs
Automotive and Aerospace Applications
Auto Bodies
Rail Cars

    There are many different grades of steel that encompass varied properties, which can be physical, chemical, or environmental. All steel is composed of iron and carbon, but it is the amount of carbon and the additional alloys that determine the properties of each grade.

    The professionals at Jeemco are experienced at building many kinds of steel buildings near Youngstown, OH. Call (724) 946-8813 to connect with them and ask for your free estimate today.

    Qualities of a Good Contractor

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    Successful contractors possess a number of the same traits. Their practices have flourished due to the favorable characteristics that are similar among them. They tend to be honest, communicative, and excellent problem solvers. The following are some of the additional attributes they all have in common.

    A successful contractor sees the big picture and understands every detail that leads up to the finished project.  

    The contractor has to continually make choices about how to fulfill the needs of the project. The contractor with a thriving firm sees challenges as opportunities for solutions.

    Communication Skills
    The most successful contractors are good communicators. They have the kind of “people skills” that enable them to be fluid communicators with clients, workers, and other construction professionals.

    Successful contractors do not shy away from trying out new ideas in order to improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of their building steps.

    Flexibility is often necessary to make adjustments when things do not work as expected. The contractor who is flexible is able to see the big picture and long-range objective rather than the cluster of minutia.

    Successful contractors stay focused on the project at hand. Their goals are clearly aligned with their clients.

    Contact Jeemco, a leading general contractor near Pittsburgh, PA, when you need experienced building contractors for your home or building project.



    The Benefits of Steel Buildings

    Steel Buildings Near Youngstown, OH |

    Versatile and solid steel buildings near Youngstown, OH, from Jeemco are cost-effective and beneficial for use in many instances. Most property owners can benefit from having a steel building. Any kind of room or building can be created from steel—from guest houses to storage sheds and garages to airplane hangars. Some of the many benefits of using steel for a variety of buildings and spaces include:

    Steel can withstand even the most severe weather conditions. Steel buildings remain strong in the face of hail, lightning, and high-speed winds. They also last decades without showing much wear and tear.

    Ease of Maintenance
    Shingles on the roof of a steel building don’t need replacing, and there is no worry about the deterioration of exterior materials or hard-to-clean surfaces. The building can be kept clean with periodic pressure washing.

    Structures made of steel are easy to put together due to their simple nature.

    The materials used to create a steel building are more affordable than concrete, lumber, and brick. Also, property taxes may be lower because a steel building is often valued less than other kinds of constructed buildings.

    Fire Resistant
    Steel doesn’t burn. In areas where fires are common, you can have peace of mind knowing that the contents inside the steel building are more protected from an external fire.

    Energy Efficiency
    Steel buildings can be insulated with spray insulation that is energy efficient. The insulation can also seal leaks or spaces, which keeps the needs for cooling and heating to a minimum.

    Bugs can’t cause structural damage to a steel building because they can’t eat through the steel.

    Inexpensive Repairs
    One piece of metal can be attached over a damaged area, and if there is extensive damage, it is relatively inexpensive and simple to replace an entire section.


    Welcome to Our Blog

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    Welcome to our blog! For more than 30 years we have been committed to quality workmanship and dedicated customer service for all of our residential and commercial building projects. As a reputable company with a wide variety of clients, we’re proud that much of our success comes from repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals.


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