3 Reasons Steel Is Better Than Other Materials

steel buildings youngstown, ohFor centuries, wood was the go-to building material in countries throughout the world. After all, in most places, wood was abundant, renewable, and easy to harvest. It’s easy to see why wood was on top for so long — at least until steel came around.

Today, steel is the preferred building material for not only homes but industrial and commercial properties as well. That’s because it improves on nearly every benefit wood offered, and then some.

Homeowners and business owners interested in building steel buildings in Youngstown, OH, are making wise decisions. The benefits of steel far outweigh the benefits of wood, brick, and other materials. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Cost. While it’s typical for steel buildings to cost more upfront, they pay for themselves over the next several years. Traditional wood homes often require repairs and reinforcements at some point, while steel frame homes do not.
  2. Durability. Unlike wood, steel doesn’t buckle, rot, or splinter when exposed to natural disasters. Floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes won’t compromise steel’s inherent integrity or degrade its substance over time.
  3. Sustainability. Deforestation is a big cause for concern, especially in today’s climate-conscious society. Steel solves many problems of sustainability, leaving more forests intact.